Architectural, Building and Entertainment Lighting Controls

Jolt's Lumiblox series provides powerful lighting control solutions for your DMX and E1.31 lighting projects.

Bright Ideas. Endless Possibilities.

Who Uses Jolt Lighting?

Lighting Scenes

Suitable for a wide range of projects, our technology powers high-profile lighting applications at arenas, hotels, businesses, restaurants, public spaces, and other properties worldwide.

Our expertise is in the control of RGB LED lighting and other projects that typically have extreme requirements in terms of control points, physical distances, interactivity, or other unique elements. Regardless of the size of the project, our products are Ethernet-based and engineered to lower cable costs and confusion while also reducing the number of controllers and connections required with traditional DMX lighting systems.

Our customers include lighting designers, architects, artists, and other lighting professionals. They use our products and services to deliver experiences that entertain and attract attention and result in focal points for business districts, communities, or entire metropolitan areas.

Who Uses Jolt Lumiblox?

  • Entertainment Venues/Casinos/Clubs
  • Interactive Lighting Displays
  • Architainment/Artistic Venues
  • Retail Stores/Malls/Events
  • Hospitality/Hotels/Bars/Lounges/Restaurants
  • Facades/Wall Canvases/Bridges
  • Convention Centers/Arena Concourses
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Government Administrative Sites
  • Education

Jolt’s passion is to join in this experience with our customers and leave lasting impressions worldwide.