RGB Mega Tree animated LED Christmas light show

RGB Mega Trees

Standing at a variety of heights including 10-, 17-, 20- and 27-feet tall, these RGB Mega Trees are sure to be an eye-catching addition to any display.

Our Mega Trees are beautifully programmed and boast the easiest setup in the business. Capable of creating millions of color variations, these trees will dazzle and captivate any audience.

Give your guests lasting holiday memories with our RGB Mega Trees!

We engineered these trees to have the easiest setup in the industry, only requiring a 6-foot ladder and some tools to extend these trees to towering heights!

Don't know how to build a Mega Tree? We can walk you through the full process so you're up and running without hassle.

Don't have a pole to attach your Mega Tree to? Check out our EZ-Up Pole system by clicking here. You can also purchase your own pole at any hardware store.

Ask about our Mega Tree Star Toppers!

  • Mesmerizing display of light
  • Larger than life display
  • Modern and fun!
  • Lighting effects perfectly synced to music with our Core Show Player
  • Plug-and-play system
  • Runs "stand-alone" or as part of a larger display
  • 100% outdoor-rated and waterproof
  • Tight Mega Tree light spacing for jaw-dropping resolution
Tree Height # of Nodes # of Strips # of Pixels Node Spacing
10-ft 90 16, 3m Strips 1,440 1-inch
17-ft 150 16, 5m Strips 2,400 1-inch
20-ft 180 16, 6m Strips 2,880 1-inch

Mega Tree
Pixel Tree
Mega Tree
Pixel Tree Kit

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