Scare graphix witch haunted house startle prop

Scare Graphix Witch

Our Cackling Witch Scare Graphix is 2-ft tall x 2-ft wide x 5-inch deep. The startle prop is motion triggered and can take the place of a person hiding in the dark at your haunted house. The witch is pre-programmed with intense light illusions and a creepy audio track.

Imagine yourself in a hot, foggy haunted house trying to maneuver your way through a maze of corridors when you finally find a dark, eerie hallway. You know the next scare is coming. You know you ought to be prepared. Then, BAM! Your approaching motion has triggered the recessed prop and you find yourself face-to-face with a cackling witch! You were prepared, right!?! Riiight.


The concept behind our Scare Graphix props is that they are best suited for low light to pitch black areas. When entering the room your guests will hear an unnerving audio track that begins to build up the anticipation for what’s to come. The initial audio is on an endless loop, but once they walk in front of the motion activated sensor the prop will fire off with a dynamic lighting illusion and the audio track will change to match the props animated jolt!

Installation Suggestions:

Scare graphix witch haunted house startle prop
Scare graphix witch mounting startle prop
Scare graphix witch construction startle prop


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