Singing Santa animated LED Christmas light show

Singing Santa

Santa's waving hand?!... That’s so 1960's!

A remarkable, modern, animated Christmas light show has fantastical, lighted characters singing along with your favorite Christmas songs. Imagine these guys entertaining a large crowd of your patrons, family, and friends. They are so much fun to watch!

While this larger-than-life Singing Santa stands perfectly fine by itself as the centerpiece of any animated lighting display, he can be combined with our Singing Elves and Singing Reindeer to create the best Christmas light display on the block!

All of our Singing Characters are animated with ultra bright, commercial-grade LED light strings that are each strategically linked to specific channels on our lighting controller. One programmable Christmas light controller (included with the purchase of any Singing Character) can run up to four Singing Characters!

Our UV printed graphical fronts give these characters a daytime appeal unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Our outdoor-rated, signage grade materials mean that your holiday entertaining game will be strong for years to come!

  • Signage-grade, UV digital printing on front for outstanding daytime appeal
  • 100% outdoor-rated and waterproof
  • Approx. 60 pounds
  • Energy efficient LEDs
  • 1 year warranty

Singing Reindeer

UV-Ink Graphics for Daytime!

Singing Reindeer

Animated LED Lights for Nighttime!

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