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We Do Custom Displays!

Posted on datePosted on 10-03-2016

Deanna Rose Farmstead Royals Display

No limitations to your creativity here! Jolt Lighting can fabricate all kinds of Custom Displays! Our motto is: Bright Ideas. Endless Possibilities.

The idea of Custom Displays isn't a new challenge for us here at Jolt Lighting. In fact, we love hearing new, imaginative suggestions from our customers and bringing them to life! That’s what we do, we design, create and CELEBRATE any and all Custom Displays! After all, we created the Guinness Record for the World’s Largest Pong Game in LED on a-story building! Go on, check it out!

It doesn’t end there, oh no, it doesn’t!

We love designing animated animals for Zoo's and Parks alike all over the world!

Zoo Lights

Farm Animal Wireframes

Just because we’re not going to keep showing you pages and pages of images of all the possibilities of customizing your products with Jolt, doesn’t mean that the options available for customization ends there. I mean, we haven’t even begin to talk about the possibilities of including Our Technology along with your Custom Displays!

Want to hear more about how your display can be Interactive with Motion Triggers, controlled by Twitter Text Messages, Button Activated, Rain & Temperature Controlled, Sound Activated and MORE? Then we suggest you don’t wait and you call Jolt Lighting today (775)538-6533 or email us via the link below for more details!

Here's the deal; you tell us your idea, we'll put together a concept for you, and you'll love it! That's it! Easy, yes, but first, you have to contact Jolt Lighting NOW!

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