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Jolt Lighting's In A Box Plug-n-Play Animated Christmas Light Show!

Posted on datePosted on 10-10-2016

Deanna Rose Farmstead

RGB LED Christmas Lights: Any bulb. Any color. Any intensity.

You have the spirit, the holiday cheer, but you haven't a clue how to begin assembling the BEST CHRISTMAS LIGHT SHOW in the neighborhood, right? Don’t worry, you’re not the first novice to find their self in the holiday decorating conundrum! In fact, we ran into this dilemma with first time customers so often that we created a complete Christmas Light Show kit as the perfect solution and it has quickly become our most popular product!

With our Christmas-In-A-Box light show you will skyrocket from the dull and boring to light show experience extraordinaire! Don't worry, your secret will be safe with us. We're not telling your neighbors that all you had to do was plug it in!

Christmas In A Box Instructions

You have two options for your Christmas In A Box kit:

Traditional Christmas In A Box Includes:

  • Qty (1) DMX Commander song player
  • Qty (1) 16 Channel light controller
  • Qty (10) Pre-Programmed Song Package
  • Use with existing Christmas lighting you already own
  • Option to purchase new lighting from us in our SHOP

RGB Christmas In A Box Includes:

  • Qty (1) DMX Commander song player
  • Qty (1) RGB Pixel light controller
  • Qty (10) Pre-Programmed Song Package
  • Option to choose between our RGB E-40 lights, RGB Bullet lights or RGB Rope lights
  • RGB Lighting Technology with ability to produce over 16.7 million different colors!


Outdoor: On your house, gutters, windows, trees, bushes, etc.

Indoor: On your Christmas tree, stair banister, around your fireplace, etc.

We have to mention that our Christmas In A Box is extremely complimentary to our other Animated Christmas Light Show products. Purchase the Animated Singing Reindeer Collection or our Animated Singing Tree Collection to expand your light show experience even more!

Animated Singing Reindeer Characters

Animated Singing Trees

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