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Everyday is Christmas at Jolt Lighting!

Posted on datePosted on 12-1-2016

Residential Animated Christmas Light Display Installation

Let’s face it, life can be dreadfully stressful. We often get caught up in the daily grind and so we forget to stop and enjoy ourselves. I do this; I think we all do this, right? Ah, what it would be like to be a kid again! If we don’t take every opportunity presented to us to enjoy our short duration in life then what it is all worth?

Fortunately, for those of us at Jolt, we're lucky enough to break up the monotony of filing papers and scheduling tasks because here we get to play with holiday decorations everyday. I asked one of our founders, Aaron, what he thought about his "j.o.b." and his response wasn't surprising.

"I'm a blessed man! I get to create and design new fun toys everyday. Yes, innovating new technology and always wanting to be on the cutting-edge of every new movement can definitely be stressful. Although, if I start to feel like I’m 'adulting' too much then I take a stroll back to the warehouse, turn out the overhead lights, and flip on one of my favorite animated Christmas decorations and I immediately remember that I'm one of Santa's elves! How can I be stressed out if I'm mesmerized by the magical, vivid lights dancing to a merry tune? I can't! It transforms me into a kid again."

I couldn't have explained it better myself.

As adults, if we get the chance to relive the excitement and joy the holiday season brings along with it's enchanting, animated Christmas decorations then imagine being a kid again and experiencing it for the first time. We offer you and opportunity to recreate your holiday cheer and share it with those you love the most. You can't afford to let this experience pass you and your family by!

Thankfully, we provide not only joy and cheer for the holidays, but also an abundance of animated Christmas decorations!

Christmas In a Box Instructions

Okay, so you have the spirit, the holiday cheer, but you haven't a clue how to begin creating your animated Christmas decorations, right? Don’t worry, you’re not the first novice to find their self in the holiday decorating conundrum! In fact, we ran into this dilemma with first time customers so often that we created a complete Christmas Light Show kit as the perfect solution and it has quickly become our most popular product! With our Christmas In A Box animated light show kit you will skyrocket from the dull and boring to light show experience extraordinaire! Don't worry, your secret will be safe with us. We're not telling your neighbors that all you had to do was plug it in!

Outdoor: On your house, gutters, windows, trees, bushes, etc.
Indoor: On your Christmas tree, stair banister, around your fireplace, etc.

Check out the video below of the Christmas-In-A-Box in action!

We have to mention that our Christmas-In-A-Box is extremely complimentary to our other Animated Christmas Decorations. Purchase the Animated Singing Reindeer Collection or our Animated Singing Tree Collection to expand your light show experience even more!

Singing Trees Singing Characters

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