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We provide high-quality indoor/outdoor color changing LED RGB lighting!

Posted on datePosted on 4-5-2017

One of the greatest hidden treasures in the lighting world is RGB lighting. If you are not familiar with RGB lighting, you are in for a fun and new experience. Our technology gives us complete control over these lights and allows us to change the colors and patterns to do anything desired.

I am sure you have seen color changing RGB LED lights before. You catch yourself thinking, “that must’ve cost a fortune!” Well, not so much anymore. You can purchase commercial-grade, high quality LED lighting from us for a very fair price. The best part is we have plenty of options. We have a light style for everything.

One thing that sets us apart from other companies that sell lighting is that we have a very detailed testing process. Part of that testing includes being completely under water for 7 days. Our color changing LED RGB lights are rated IP 67, but we test them at IP 68 standards which means that they are capable of being submerged in shallow water.

We make sure that all of our lights are working properly and to our standard before putting our name on them. If you find manufacturing defects within the first two years, replacement is on us.

We do our best to cover all of our customers’ lighting needs. Our lighting products can be used for so many purposes. We have customers that use our lights for everything from Christmas displays to Haunted Houses. We have sold them to customers to use in their theater rooms or man-caves! We have them in signage, at zoos. We use them to accentuate architecture, to liven night clubs.

You can do so many things with color changing LED lights. The possibilities are endless. Want help choosing which RGB string is right for you? Give us a call! We would love to guide you through your options.


Chip6 Pixels

This is a newer RGB string that we call “The Six”. Each string is 14′ in length and has 20 lights on it with 8″ spacing. Each light has 6 SMD5050 LEDs. This is a great light string that can serve multiple purposes. One use would be to build a large grid or light board display. Six LEDs make this a VERY bright light string.

Pixel 360

This RGB color changing LED string is the Pixel360. It is designed and imported by Vivid RGB Lighting out of Peekskill, NY. They create some of the highest quality light strings within the market. We offer Vivid’s entire product line. Call for more details. This particular product is very popular with a wide range of customers. The Pixel360 is designed for use on real or artificial trees, lining gutters or windows, creating pole trees, swags, or covering bushes. We have even used it for outlining larger, classier architectural buildings. It can also be used in dance clubs or even for weddings. The flexibility of the Pixel360 makes it the light string of choice for shows and installations all over the world.

Festo 60 100

This Vivid RGB LED string is called the Festo. It is available in 60mm and 100mm round sizes. The Festo light has many applications for use. Some popular industries are architectural, concerts and events, restaurants, holidays, weddings, festivals, and carnivals. A unique thing about the Festo is that it is designed for flexibility of spacing. Simply screw the light on to the wire anywhere you need it. Lights and wire are sold individually.

RGB Ribbon LED Strip

Another great product by Vivid RGB Lighting team is the RGB Ribbon X1. The color changing RGB LED strip provides smooth and even lighting, featuring individual control of each LED sealed within a waterproof silicone sleeve. The Ribbon X1 is a very versatile product that can be installed almost anywhere, due to its minimal size and flexibility. It is used in light shows, signage, at concerts and events, and on many holiday decorative elements.


If you can’t find the light string you are looking for, give us a call and let us find you the perfect fit. Many custom options are available.

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