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We are a top distributor for Vivid RGB Lighting

Posted on datePosted on 4-27-2017

We want to showcase a unique product called the Chip3. The Chip3 is an ultra-slim plastic housing with three RGB LEDs combined together to produce over 16 million super-bright color options. The Chip3 is perfect for any architectural lighting or signage applications.

Chip 3 RGB LED Pixel Strings

We currently use the Chip3 inside of custom logo signs as well as on the famous light display at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. We have created a grid out of the Chip3 RGB lighting pixels to allow us to masterfully program video effects and images for any occasion. We are also able to capture great animation on the front of the building at Deanna Rose because of the number of Chip3 pixels used.

When Mark Callegari first decided to build a grid for Deanna Rose, he searched for the perfect light option. He knew he had found the perfect light in the Chip3. (Check out the pictures and video!) The guys at Vivid RGB Lighting were a tremendous amount of help in getting him started with all of the lighting and accessories needed to pull off such a great task.

Each string of Chip3 comes with 21 individually-controllable LED pixels, with integrated power and control. They come with a black housing and black wire with 9” on-center pixel spacing. Each string is 15’ 9” in overall length.

Chip3 Pixels Individual

Call us at 775-538-6533 or reach us via email below to get a quote on Chip3 RGB lighting for your home or business. We can help you figure out what is needed to get the results you desire. If this light is not what you are looking for, let us help you find the right solution!

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