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Posted on datePosted on 5-30-2017

One of our favorite things to do at Jolt Lighting is creating custom displays for our customers. We have created many displays that we are proud of, but the RGB Chroma Graphix Lion for Reid Park Zoo is at the top of the list.

With Chroma Graphix, any design or image is possible. Reid Park approached us with the idea of creating a display that could be presented at all of their events. We threw some ideas around and Reid Park came back with this incredible image of the lion.

The creative team at Jolt Lighting altered the image to allow the best lighting details to show through and we were off! We put together lighting programming for the 6-foot tall lion, created a concept video, implemented the programming, added final touches, and finally sent it over to the team at Reid Park for approval.

Check out some pictures of the build process below, as well as the final piece installed at Reid Park Zoo.

If you own a business, this product is perfect for your logo. If you have a favorite sports team, we can create any image to make you the biggest fan in your area!

Chroma Graphix displays are an incredible way to gain brand awareness and get people talking.

We are here to help with creating custom images, or you can send us exactly what you want to use for your project.

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