Commercial christmas light show for your commercial installation

Animated Lighting Display Solutions for Your Entertainment Park

Upkeep of an Entertainment Park is a fulltime struggle in and of itself. So how can you maintain focus on your park's infrastructure while creating new and engaging visual elements for your patrons to partake in?

Amusement Park Installation and Teardown

Bring in the professionals.

RGB LED Christmas In-a-Box commercial christmas light show

At Jolt Lighting, we know how to look at a space and visualize how to take it from normal to incredible. We work with our clients directly to take these concepts and form them into fully immersive and interactive lighting experiences.

Do you want to create a holiday display that is sure to drop jaws and leave people with a sense of awe and wonder? Do you want to create a custom-themed lighting experience for your patrons to move through and interact with? We can help you create something you will be proud to put your name on and that will leave a lasting impression on your patrons.

Commercial christmas light show installation RGB Christmas In a Box

Commercial christmas light show installation RGB Christmas In a Box

Not only can we conceptualize and create theses fully immersive experiences, we also provide complete installation and teardown services so you can focus on running your park.

Check out some of our products at the link below and give us a shout to discuss how we can help make your Entertainment Park shine.