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Commercial christmas light show for your Entertainment Park
How can we help you succeed?

Upkeep of an Entertainment Park is a fulltime struggle in and of itself. So how can you maintain focus on your park's infrastructure while conceptualizing and installing new and engaging visual elements for your patrons to partake in?

Bring in the professionals.

At Jolt Lighting, we know how to look at a space and mentally visualize how to take it from normal to incredible. We work with our clients directly to take these concepts and form them into something that goes above and beyond what anyone initially thought could be possible.

We know how to program lights to accent buildings; making them stand out prominently against the rest of your space. We know how to create impactful, eye-catching, and memorable animated displays that are sure to leave your patrons with a sense of excitement, awe, and wonderment.

Not only do we know how to visualize and create these elements, we also have installation teams that can come do the dirty work for you when it comes time for implementing your awesome.

Installing displays and accent lighting is more than just attaching lights to buildings and trees. It's more than just taking a display out of the box and plugging it in. It requires a creative and mindful eye with attention to detail.

Entertainment Park installations can take anywhere from one to eight weeks. It requires tenacity to follow through to the end of the installation while maintaining the same care and attention that was devoted to the project at the beginning.

At Jolt Lighting, we bring all this and more to the table!

Check out some of our products at the link below, and give us a shout when you want to discuss how we can help make your Entertainment Park shine for your holiday and specialty events.

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