Animated Lighting Display Solutions for Haunted Houses

Commercial holiday light show for your haunted house
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Haunted Houses are exhilarating, scary, and entertaining. They can also be unique!

Haunted House products haven't changed much recently. While new props make their way to the market each year, they tend to hinge on the same; again and again.

At Jolt Lighting, we have taken our own spin on Haunted House props.

Lines for Haunted Houses are long, and patrons need something to keep their interest piqued while they wait. Our 6' Chroma Graphix Sugar Skull provides a truly impressive element to greet your patrons and keep their senses dazzled as they wait in line for the real scares.

Staffing a Haunted House is expensive, and your actors can only be so many places at one time. Our Scare Graphix product line is a refreshing twist on motion-triggered audio/visual scare props. Your patrons will jump a foot in the air without anyone having to do a thing!

Our RGB Halloween In-a-Box package allows you to make your Haunted House stand out on the horizon with programmed light strings, drawing people to your location from a distance. It can even be synched with music to complete the audio/visual experience.

Want to take that thought a few steps further? We can help you with that too! We provide access to various types of accent lighting, including strobe lights, wash lights, wide-coverage UV black lights, and even lasers that can cover your entire building or surrounding areas.

Check out our Shop from the link below to learn more about our product offerings, and give us a call or send us an email to find out how we can help you put something together that will perfectly compliment your Haunted House for years to come.

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