LED animated christmas light show display pole tree

LED Pole Trees

Even on the coolest of Winter nights, the LED Pole Tree will warm the hearts of your onlookers. Don't be alarmed when you hear the chuckles and cheers of children as they chase the sparkling lights around your tree.

Wouldn't it be a pleasant gift, if your display now adorned with this enchanting tree became a holiday light viewing tradition for others? If you let it, our LED Pole Tree will surely take you and your audience on a magical journey through the holidays.

The LED Pole Tree comes in various sizes (call for details). No matter what size you choose, your tree will be complete with our extra bright, commercial-grade LEDs and will come pre-installed with qty=10 of our masterly crafted, animated light shows (see song list below). You'll be amazed at the level of fascination this tree will bring to your holiday display!

Year after year, our LED Pole Tree will continue to deliver and since our trees are crafted with powder-coated steel and stainless hardware, you'll never have to worry about its continued durability. Go ahead, add a little extra charm to your holiday. You'll be glad you did!

Are you more technically minded? Don't let our fun sales antics slight the legitimacy of our professionalism; we are engineers and industry leaders. If you are interested in more specifications and technical detail then give us a call! We are always up for some techy talk!

*We have a huge (like the biggest!) light show library! More songs are available for purchase. Ask us if we have your favorite songs by sending an email to info@joltlighting.com.

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