LED Christmas light show nativity scene

Nativity Scene

Is it time to ditch the old, outdated nativity set and step up your holy game? Perhaps you're guilty of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday and forgetting the most important gift you'll ever receive, Jesus Christ. Either way, we absolutely get it and that's why with inspiration founded by the patron saint of animals, Saint Francis, we created our storytelling Nativity Set (animals included!).

Each piece is thoughtfully crafted with great detail and will no doubt add that sacred touch to your holiday display. You can choose from a variety of options such as the storytelling animation or the classic, static illuminated set.

Our 6-ft Light Graphix Nativity Set is available in multiple package types (see details below). No matter which set you choose, even on the darkest of nights your nativity will be illuminated with the brightest of commercial-grade LEDs showing the way to your hallowed display. We couldn't forget the importance of having a beautiful daytime appeal as well and that's why each piece is created with our UV-Ink, outdoor-rated custom graphics printed directly onto the front panels. Your display will be revered both night and day! Additionally, if you so choose, you can infuse some life into your display by selecting an animated package.


*The stable is approx. 6-ft tall and the character pieces range in size starting at 4-ft.

Holy Family Set

Expanded Holy Family Set

Complete Nativity Set

The Greatest Story Ever Told - Deluxe Animated Package

The Greatest Story Ever Told - Ultimate Animated Package

Ultimate Animated Package comes with Additional Panes for Full Story

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