vivid rgb orb led pixel string

Vivid RGB Orb 100 RGB LED Strings

Jolt Lighting is a proud reseller of Vivid RGB Lighting products!

ORB:100 from Vivid RGB Lighting allows full 360° viewing of 16 million super saturated colors in a beautiful 4" diameter globe. Each ORB:100 is fitted with 6 powerful RGB LEDS and is sure to amaze! Used individually or in groups, the ORB:100 will enhance any project.

The ORB:100 is offered in a matte or glossy finish. Paired with a 6-output T-cable the ORB:100 offers multiple cabling options and design flexibility. Directly controllable from any DMX controller, up to 48 ORBS can be powered from a single feed

  • Custom spacing
  • Custom node count per string
  • 18AWG wire
  • 24v DC
  • 0.65A max current
  • 1.4w per pixel
  • 360° viewing angle
  • IP66 rated

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