Setup your Pixel Mega Tree with ease!

Our RGB Mega Tree EZ-Up Kit is the easiest way to quickly and securely setup a Mega Tree from 10'-24' tall!

A single person can set up a 24’ Mega Tree in as little as 60 minutes in just a few steps with our Mega Tree EZ-Up Kit!

The Mega Tree EZ-Up Kit makes Mega Tree setup the easiest in the industry. Our grass install system lets you set up 9 feet of the tree and then effortlessly turn a crank to extend the tree up to 24 ft. high - all with only a 6 foot ladder!

Don't have the rest of the components to build a Mega Tree? No problem! Check out our RGB Mega Trees.

  • Extends effortlessly from 10' up to 24'
  • Weatherproof galvanized steel construction
  • Larger than life display
  • 100% outdoor-rated and waterproof

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