Singing Pumpkins Topper animated LED Halloween show

Singing Pumpkins with Toppers

Wow your guests with a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Say no to the same old humdrum this year at Halloween... and say yes to loads of attention and fun at your home or business like you've never experienced before!

An upgrade from our traditional Singing Pumpkins, these items come with a decorative topper to add a little spice to your display!

Choose a Pumpkin

Singing Pumpkins base

Choose a Topper

Singing Pumpkins topper

Make a Set!

Singing Pumpkins LED animated Halloween light show

SONG LIST: All songs listed below are included FREE of charge with this purchase. If you'd like additional songs, please contact us for custom pricing at

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Singing Pumpkins animated LED Halloween light show
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