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Whimsy Trees

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, even the cheeriest of hearts need a little extra charm to brighten their holiday spirit. If your decorations lack luster and you hope to find something with a more exciting, magical appeal then let our Whimsy Trees fill your holiday with a magnificent joy to be shared by all!

From their unique design to their superiorly bright, color-changing glow, our Whimsy Trees will add that missing piece of fascination to your display.

Our Whimsy Trees will captivate and excite even the grumpiest of Christmas grouches! Just as their whimsical nature, our trees come in a variety of sizes, materials, and quantities (see details below). With their dazzlingly bright LEDs and color-changing possibilities, these unusual trees will whisk your thoughts away to a whimsical fairyland of holiday fun for your Christmas light show!

Want your Whimsy Trees to be INTERACTIVE? A favored option for many of our customers is the Interactive Texting Technology. With this optional addition, you would send a text to the pre-programmed number mentioning a color in the message. This will then turn the trees the color you mentioned! For example, say you text “I'm dreaming of a white Christmas”. The trees would then turn WHITE! The possibilities don't end there. We can program the trees to respond to about any command. Ask us how!

Are you more technically minded? Don't let our fun sales antics slight the legitimacy of our professionalism; we are engineers and industry leaders. If you are interested in more specifications and technical detail then give us a call! We are always up for some techy talk!

How they are sold:

Our Whimsy Trees can be sold as singles or in set, but we suggest getting at least a couple so that these charming, fascinating characters don't get lonely. There's nothing worse than a sad and lonely Whimsy Tree on Christmas!

Materials, Sizes, and Options:

These peculiar trees love being oddly different!

Acrylic Whimsy Trees

Wireframe Whimsy Trees

*We have a huge (like the biggest!) light show library! More songs are available for purchase. Ask us if we have your favorite songs by sending an email to info@joltlighting.com.

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