Here at Jolt Lighting, we stay ahead of the curve and use cutting-edge technology in our products and installations. We can connect your display to just about anything. We have created display items that react to Twitter and text messaging. We have programmed temperature and moisture reactions for displays. We use motion triggering, wireless or ethernet-based control, local and remote network support, etc. The list goes on and on.

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Interactive LED light shows
Interactive Displays

Allow your customers or audience to participate in the experience and interact with the display.

LED light show experience
Extensive LED Experience:

Over 10 years of experience designing LED fixtures and using LEDs in displays gives Jolt Lighting a distinct advantage in the current market.

Control technology for your light show
Control Technology:

Jolt Lighting doesn’t just buy products and resell them. We actually create controllers and software when appropriate to create shows that have never been possible before.

Ethernet-based Control Technology
Ethernet-based Control Technology:

Lighting has moved into the current generation of networking technologies.

Mobile device support for your light show
Mobile Device Support:

You can control show from your phone or tablet — from anywhere in the world where you have internet access.

Pre-packaged led chistmas light shows
Pre-packaged Shows:

Sometimes you just need a plug-and-play solution. We have those too. Packages like our Singing Trees, Christmas-In-a-Box, and prepackaged halloween shows allow you to have something up and running minutes after it arrives at your door.

Wireless light show design experience
Wireless Design Experience:

Radios are not wire replacements. You may have had or witnessed displays with stuttering or flickering because of poor wireless design. Jolt Lighting has engineers who understand RF infrastructure and have the tools to diagnose and optimize situations that require wireless technology.

In-House Design Talent
New Enhanced Manufacturing Capabilities:

Jolt Lighting has all the brainpower to conceptualize, manufacture, and deliver a complete solution. This along with top of the line, in-house manufacturing capability, we can prototype and deliver in the shortest time possible.

Synchronized song library for your animated christmas light show
Large Synchronized Song Library:

Start from over a hundred pre-made shows. We have Christmas, Halloween, and other holiday songs already synchronized and ready to use.

Customized music for your animated christmas light show
We Customize Existing, or Create New Synchronized Music Shows:

We do not outsource our show design to amateurs. We’ve been synchronizing lights and music for over 15 years, so we can deliver professional looking shows that will amaze and entertain.

Twitter control for your animated christmas light show
Twitter Control:

Allow your lights to listen to Twitter. We have created packages of Twitter Trees that change based on Tweets from anywhere in the world.

Text message control for your animated christmas light show
Text Message Control:

We have created systems to allow text messages to interact with the lights.