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Jolt Lighting Animated Lighting Displays
The Core by Jolt Lighting
Core™ Show Player

Core is the central brain of all of our animated lighting display elements. Simply connect the controllers of any combination of our products to the Core and it will run unified sequencing across each display element.

If you already own a Core Show Player, you can purchase any of our other products without one. You can keep adding additional Jolt Lighting products to your display each year and keep the same Core!

RGB Christmas In-a-Box
RGB Christmas In-a-Box

Pick your light type, hang the lights, and plug them into our included RGB LED light controller. After that, our Core™ Show Player system can control them to dance to Christmas, Halloween, or Patriotic songs, or run a series of colors and patterns of dancing lights.

This all-in-one light kit is perfect for rooflines, windows, pathways, decks, trees, and more!

RGB Mega Tree
RGB Mega Tree

Our RGB Mega Tree kits are the STAPLE of the modern lighting display. Young and old alike are taken back by smooth, complex lighting effects as they dance across the eye and mesmerize viewers.

These commanding structures stand comfortably in today's visually-focused realms - coaxing the "oohs" and "aahs" from viewers you normally only get from expensive fireworks.

Singing Santa
Singing Characters

Our Singing Characters are an impactful addition to any lighting display. Designed to look great both day and night, these pieces are sure to turn heads and create buzz.

All of our Singing Characters are programmable to sing along with your favorite songs!

RGB Snowflakes
RGB Snowflakes

Let it snow, let it snow! Our RGB Snowflakes are beautiful pieces standing on their own, and are the perfect addition to your existing sequenced lighting display.

Available in 4'x4' and 2'x2' sizes, these RGB Snowflakes look great in sets of two or more! The wide matrices of our Snowflakes provide countless sequencing options and patterns.

RGB Arches
RGB Arches

Our arches go above and beyond similar products you see in the field. Our powder-coated steel frames not only provide an unmatched rigidity, but will stand up to the elements year after year.

Sold in sets of four, these beautiful pieces are sure to bring smiles to the faces of all that have the privlidge of experiencing them in person!

RGB Wash Lights
RGB Wash Lights

Give the blank spaces in your display a splash of color! RGB Wash Lights are a great way to cover large areas of your display without breaking the bank.

These RGB LED Wash Lights feature 181 long life energy efficient LEDs for smooth RGB color mixing and bright effective wash lighting. These are great for areas where you need low-heat lighting.

RGB Mini Trees
RGB Mini Trees

Don't let the name fool you. These Mini Trees pack a Mega punch! Watch as endless color spills around these 4ft tall powder-coated steel structures.

Sold in sets of 8 or 16, these mesmerizing trees make the perfect elements for your long open borders, look great in small tree-farms, and accent Mega Trees perfectly!

RGB Tunnel
RGB Tunnel

Word, pictures, videos...nothing can fully capture the feeling one gets while immersed in a tunnel of animated light.

Truly a sight to behold, our Custom RGB Tunnels are the perfect addition to your driveway, drive-thru Light Park, or covering a path for patrons to casually walk through.